About BSC

Why Basil Swim Company?

To empower women with more confidence and
opportunities to feel brave, chic, and comfortable
in their most vulnerable moments.

We're built by a woman for women
To challenge the standards of swimsuits,
To provide comfort and confidence,
To make more memories,
And to inspire.


Some pretty cool things about Basil Swim Co.

Our designs are totally original and created by our founder, Hayley Clark, who's a mom of three kids with no professional training in design or fashion merchandising, but a huge passion for helping other women be their best selves

All of our swimsuits are made in America!
We're working with a female-owned manufacturing company called
Lefty Production Co.
based in Los Angeles, California. 

Our swimsuits are made to be versatile and effortless- no more baggy T-shirts, extra cover-ups, or awkward holes and strings and clasps!
Just swimwear rich in both comfort and style.