- When will you swimsuits be available?
You can pre-order right now but we are still in the pre-production phase which means it'll be another 4-10 weeks until any swimsuit order will be sent

- What is your size range?
We currently offer women's sizes from XS to XXL and hope to expand much more by Spring / Summer 2020
Here's our Women's Size Chart 

- Do you offer exchanges?
No, but we always offer free returns. Because our shop is still so small and we cannot guarantee your preferred size is in stock, the best option for you is to check our website for the correct style, size, and color you're looking for, then place your order, and return your previous purchase using your free return label. Shipping is covered for both purchases and returns, but you do only have 14 days to return your unwanted swimsuit. Take a look at our Return Policy for more details.

- Do you have a store or a place I can come try on your swimsuits?
Not yet! But we always offer free returns which means you can rest assured when you order online.